2020 > 2021

Within the framework of this inflexible situation—after months in and out of involuntary isolation—I began to question my own identity and its fluid behavioral patterns. I had come to crave what was now forbidden—intimacy—and the need distracted and tore at me like a hunger. Like any desperate human, I began a feverish search for what I was looking for. I made it my very own little investigation; to search as deep as I could into the abysses of my own loneliness with the hope that I; sooner or later, inside of it; would be able to hold The Answer in my hands.

During the long research that followed, I surrounded myself with everything that loneliness had to offer; literature, scientific research, forums, art history, stories, confessions, sounds and unsounds; but primarily in the literary and cinematic fictional world; among the fictitious lonely; I found the true cure and enlightenment—my answer, my intimacy.
    In front of me stood no one but myself, in the shape of many varied, wide-open figures. This work takes off from a doubt, that will then be transformed and born again as a love letter; a sweet lie in the shape of replica.

I created this work for the confined; for all who dream away their doubts, and for all who still carries that endless mistrust, when the loneliness cracks them open.