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.Enter/ when my mind races i see:
cha-cha colours
 bursting waves of light
familiar bodies and
the attractiveness of the stranger faces
 fluid shapes and singing bones

with the endlessness attached to it
all of it comes flash, flash,
by my mind’s eye
words become secondary
i was born with all thoughts wrapped inside blankets of contrasting imagery
the visual aspect of life shaped me and i continue to shape it myself
i am the happy observer
the good old curious kid
i say; beauty resides in the gaps of
ordinary lives lived well
particles of complete silence within the societal poetic disorder
or a breeze of air weighed down by millions and millions of years of rain falling and circulating and falling [repeat]
if you press your naked eye into the gap you’ll see life looking back at you
with a grand hysterious smile and then you’ll laugh vibrating and loud together like the best of friends that you truly are /Exit.

my name is rebecka—or ecka—lindmark
for now i live in malmö, sweden

find me ↴                   follow my footsteps ↴      left foot + right foot

2019—published in rûm issue °IV
2019—‘fotografie im forum ff#6 rûm x mischen’ release at forum stadtpark, graz [au]
2019—‘the hubbub project’ installation at atipico, barcelona [es]
2019—feature on dirtyharrry’s dirty blog
2019—feature on kiosk of democracy
2018—interview for iso400
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