b. 1994 in sweden

when my mind races i see cha-cha colours flash-flash-flashing by my mind’s eye... since birth i've been observin' and here you'll find my proof; journals, experiments, treasures. the journey of how i taught myself to see.

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2021—loneliness cracks, group exhibition at k3 in malmö, sweden
2020—cover of daphne x’s cassette d(ear) diaries
2020—artist feature on ok cool editions
2019—published in rûm Issue °IV
2019—fotografie im forum ff#6 rûm x mischen, release at forum stadtpark in graz, austria
2019—the hubbub project, installation at atipico in barcelona, spain
2019—artist feature on dirtyharrry’s dirty blog
2019—artist feature on kiosk of democracy
2018—interview for iso40
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The odyssey begins in the north, as a speck adrift in the Baltic sea. The "O" then stretches its legs—first far, far south, then east, east, east...

[livet är tumult fladdrande, likt havets vind. jag ömsar skinn. sträcker mina nya, lena lemmar mot det oändliga himlavalv som vilar ovanför.]